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Srinagar Information
Srinagar is the capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, and is situated in the valley of Kashmir. The city lies on both banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus River. The city is famous for its lakes and houseboats floating over them. It is also known for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits. Srinagar is 876 km north of Delhi

Tourism is the most significant segment of the city's economy. The city of Srinagar has been serving as a gateway to some of the most scenic and beautiful places of the India

34°5′23″N, 74°47′24″E 
Highest temperature:
41 °C; lowest −20 °C
The weather of Srinagar may be generally described as alpine. The city has mild summers during the months of April-June, and cold winters of November-February. The city generally gets heavy snowfall from December to February.

The city is located on both the sides of the river Jhelum, which is called Vyath in Kashmir. The river passes through the city and meandering through the valley, moves onward and deepens in the Wular Lake. The city is famous for its nine old bridges, connecting the two parts of the city.

Dal Lake, going from the Mughal Gardens side back to Srinagar.Srinagar is well known for its lakes. Dal Lake with its houseboats is famous all over the world. Srinagar is a small and beautiful city with a wonderful climate in the summer. Just outside the city are found the beautiful Shalimar Gardens created by Jehangir, the Mughal emperor, in 1619
Srinagar has several gardens which are part of the several such gardens laid by the Mughal emperors across the Indian subcontinent, and which are known as Mughal gardens. The Mughal Gardens located in Srinagar and its close vicinity include Chasma Shahi (the royal fountains); Pari Mahal (the palace of the fairies); Nishat Bagh (the garden of spring); Sahlimar Bagh; and the Nashim Bagh

Like the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar too has a distinctive blend of cultural heritage. Holy places in and around the city depict the historical cultural and religious diversity of the city as well as the Kashmir valley.


Dal Lake

Dal Lake , 8 km has a total area of 26 sq km. At Dal Gate, a gate lets out the lake water to prevent it from flooding. Dal has three islands, Silver Island ( Ropa Lank) popular as Char Chinar, built by Prince Murad, son of Emperor Shah Jahan, Golden Island ( Sona Lank) at the south end and Nehru Park, as island just few yards away from the road side.


Water skiing is a favorite sport among tourists during summer. Motor launches with ski boards are available on hire. During the Winter season, migratory birds float in the lake making it a magnificent scene, The lake offers splendid colours and moods with every change in the weather that mesmerizes the visitors and locals too. Dal is a photographers delights.

Expansion of houseboats was carried out during Mughal period and later this British further modernised them along with the boatmen of the day. Dal lake is home to more than a thousand houseboats know for their unique luxury facilities.
The houseboats are designed with Walnut and Deodar wood work and the base is make of a special wood that makes it float for decades, It is advisable to book a room in advance directly with the owner or a travel agent.


Nine Kms from Dal, is yet another lake with serene waters, " Nagin Lake "  It has some of the most luxurious deluxe houseboats. this area is preferred by people looking form calm and quiet environments. For this reason foreigners find it more interesting to stay at Nagin Lake, The Lake is approachable by road through the old city and Fore shore Road alongside Dal Lake . The Shikara ride in this Placid lake is a memorable experience.


Shikara are boats used as means of transportation from ghats to houseboats and for sightssing in the lake, While on shikara ride one gets immersed in the panoramic view of the Zabarwan range and in the vastness of the lake symphonized with waves formed by the shikarawala's rowing. A boat ride of interior Dal is an adventure.  The water borne life of the people inside the lake is a different experience. The floating shops on the boats are the main markets of the people.


Mughals Gardens 

Most pleasurable day picnic spots for the tourist, the famed Mughal Gardens are located between Dal Lake and Zaborwan mountain range on Boulevard. These gardens are memorials of love for mankind and the natural beauty. 

Shalimar Garden :  15 km from City, Built by Emperor Jehangir for his wife Nur Jehan in 1616. The garden has some attractive Mughal structure carved from black marble in Diwan – e – Khas used for the guests of the Emperor as Banquet halls. 


Cheshmashahi . Situated on the foothills of Zabarwan range, the garden has a spring known for its medicinal properties . Cheshmashahi was laid out in 1632 by Mardan Khan. It is considered as most serence since the garden is 4 km away form Boulevard’s hustle and bustle.

On the way of Cheshmashahi, on can visit a marvelous garden spread over several acres of land. The Botanical Garden was established by the State government for floricultural purpose and is now open to the public.

Pari Mahal : 3 km ahed of Cheshmashahi is a school of astrology built by Prince Dara Shukho, eldest son of Shah Jahan who had keen interest in observation of stars & Sufism. Situated amidst the Zabarawan hills at a height, the breathtaking scene of the lake and city makes every visitor stay for a little longer.

Nishat Bagh : 11 km from Srinagar City, The Garden Designed by Abul Hassan Asif Khan eldest brother of  Nur Jehan, who was governor of Kashmir during the reign of Jehangir, this garden has 7 terraces and a stone channel for running water in the centre

Religious Palace

Shankar Acharya Temple  : 5 km from Nehru Park, the temple stands atop Takht e Suleman Legend describes the building of temple by King Solomon in 3000 BC to store the treasure of 300 golden and silver statues.


Hazratbal Shrine : 15 km enshrines the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad The relic was brought to India in 1634 by Syed Abdullah and acquired by  Khwaja Noor ud Din Ishbari a Kashmiri trader in 1692.  It is displayed to the devotees on various religious occasions during the year when people of every class stand in a row to have a glimpse of the holy relic to get blessed. The complex is carved with wonderful white marble work which shines over the years with same glow and stature. The Shrine can also be visited via Dal Lake in a shikara.

Shrine of Maqdoom Sahib : A revered saint of Kashmir commonly know as Hazrat Sultan, is on the southern side of the hillock making it a precedent of religious solidarity in Kashmir..

Shah Hamdan Mosque : 7 km is one of the oldest mosques in Srinagar originally built in 1395 by Sultan Qutab ud din in respect of Syed Ali Hamdani Rh Shah Hamdan played a major role in spreading Islam in the Valley with the help of 700 other saints who followed his from Hamdan in Persia. The mosque has breathtaking woodcarvings and fine papier Mache work. 

Kohi Maran (Hari Parbat) 6 km Surmounted by an 18 the century fort constructed by Atta Mohammad Khan an Afgan governor. The hill is surrounded by a wall built by Akbar in Ad 1592 -98 . Almond orchards used to be a favourite picnic spots fo Kashmiri people in spring during blossom time.

By  Air

Srinagar Airports is connected with Indira Gandhi Airpots, New Delhi by daily direct flights via Jammu operated by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Shahara, Kingfisher, Spice Jet, Air Deccan and GoAir.

One can hire a taxi from the airport taxi stand at reasonable charges the 14 km journey from airport to the city provides a view of modern Srinagar city full of daytime hustle bustle. 

By Rail :

Jammu Tawi Railway Station connects J&K State with rest of the country by a of number of regular and special holiday trains starting from all major cities of India. At the railway station, buses and taxis are available daily from Srinagar, particularly in the morning.

By Road : Jammu to Srinagar 


Shalimar Garden

Hazratbal Shrine


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